The best combination of Tablet and Notebook, Removable keyboard design, Casual change of entertainment and office. Paired with Intel processors, it is superior in performance. Multiplex interface. Large capacity lithium batteries provide you with longer and reliable endurance. The design is more lightweight, so that you can master it while you're carrying it and applying it.

    Transcend traditional sports bracelet features. On the basis of sports data monitoring, a new monitoring function for health management data has been added. Provide monitoring of blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep, etc. With LCD display, Dynamic updating of data is more timely. Mobile phone calls reminding, SMS alerts, could provide you with more convenient application scenarios.

    Bran-new Intel low power consumption processor, efficient application processing capability, 1920*1080 IPS high resolution screen, ultimate visual experience, Ultra thin and ultra light design, and you'll find yourself going back to it again and again. With excellent technical R &D team, and strict production standards, we could provide you the best quality and most reliable products