Shenzhen Poly Gem Technology Co., Ltd. November 2006 to set up in Hong Kong, the state high-tech enterprises, in 2008 started Tablet PC R & D, development and design in 2009 based on wince operating system education Tablet PC, in September 2009 released the first 7 Inch JP100 Tablet PC, in 2010 the establishment of the Shenzhen City 

    Jujube always insisted: quality throughout the product life cycle, the company promised to deliver products with 100% of the products manufactured pass rate, while providing quality after-sales service, and strive for partners to provide the best quality products and competitive after- With excellent product quality and efficient innovation and efficient mobile Internet

    August 2014 development and design of the Windows combo Tablet PC, in August 2015, with an independent industrial park, the establishment of fully automated production lines, complete supporting the laboratory, to produce 300,000 units, we locate operators and operators around the world The first three brands of OEM and ODM, in January 2016 began to develop smart wear.